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People are looking you up online & making decisions about you based on what they find

Look around, you are reviewed everywhere!!!

That’s the scenario today with social media taking over our basic decision making. Healthcare and more so selection of doctors has been the most affected by the social media tsunami.

Online brand management has hence become an integral theme to any business or practice across world.

Online Reputation Management

If you believe web-based reputation management is just for large brands, please reconsider. With the rise in use of social media sites, and the popularity of user-generated review websites like Yelp, Site Jabber, Amazon reviews and even employer review websites such as Glassdoor, monitoring and managing your web-based credibility is more vital than ever before.

Responding to online reviews affects your online reputation

Essentially, reputation management is a process of influencing an individual’s or businesses’ reputation online. The term reputation management has become synonymous to Online Reputation Management which mainly utilized to refer to responding to online reviews, managing search results for brand inquiries and unfavorable critiques on social networks.

Reputation management and social networking sites

It’s a buyers’ market today. Power has clearly shifted from the hands of sellers to that of buyers. Even though firms used to be able to very carefully craft their reputation management on social media sites message and later sell it using conventional advertising tactics like billboards, radio and TV spots, nowadays social networking sites have greatly moved those controls to consumers.

This, of course, has made reputation management much more challenging for organizations. The large number of voices involved, and the scattered nature of posts, complaints and unfavorable responses make damage control a lot more difficult than it ever used to be.

Your Reputation Management is Critical!

As one of the leading Online Reputation Management agencies, we understand the value of a great reputation. Positive content results in more customers and positive bottom line return. An inaccurate review, a negative post by a competitor, a spiteful forum thread or even being indirectly related to a negative event, can negatively impact your bottom line. We’ve seen this happen to numerous organizations, and it not only caused them to lose valuable clients and people, but millions of dollars as well.

The good news is that we can help improve your online reputation and prevent these losses. We manage online reputation through a series of outstanding online reputation management services which have been proven effective time and time again. Our internet reputation management services don’t just demote negative Search Engine Results; they also add to and promote your positive content. We make sure no stone goes unturned when keeping your online reputation at its best.